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Mahavir Jayanti Wishes, Mahavir Jayanti or Mahavir Janam Kalyanak is the main religious festival of Jains. Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated as the birth day of Lord Mahavir, the last thirthankar among the twenty four thirthankars. Both Digamber Jains and Swatembar Jains celebrate this religious festival with great Joy and Happiness.Lord Mahavir Aarti states the whole story of 24th Thirthankar in a melodious way.
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The festival Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated in the month of March or April every year.This year in 2020 it will be celebrated on 6th April, 2020 ( Monday ). Lord Mahavir believes in Non Violence and Peace.
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About Lord Mahavir

Lord Mahavir is also called as Vardhaman.He was born in the royal family of Kundalpur, Vaishali (Bihar) in 599 B.C. Lord Mahavir father was King Siddhartha and mother named Queen Trishala. At the age of 30 Lord Mahavir left home and walk towards the path of moksha. He wanted to establish truth and peace.
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Five vows

  1. Ahimsa (Non-violence or non-injury)
  2. Satya (truthfulness):
  3. Asteya (non-stealing)
  4. Brahmacharya (chastity)
  5. Aparigraha  (non-attachment)

Sixteen Dreams of Mother Trishala before the Birth of Lord Mahavir.

1. A white elephant A mother will give birth to a child of good moral values
2. A lion Leadership
3. Goddess Lakshmi Wealth and prosperity
4. The Full Moon Peace and support
5. A pair of jumping fish Attractive appearance
6. The Sun Supreme Knowledge
7. A lake full of lotus flowers Compassionate nature
8. A celestial palace Spirituality
9. A throne of rubies and diamonds Son will become the world teacher
10. A garland Popularity and admire from society
11. A bull The birth of a famous religious teacher who will spread the spirit of knowledge and peace.
12. Mandara flowers Softness and politeness
13. A Golden pot Wealth
14. A vessel full of gems Virtues and Wisdom
15. Rough ocean Infinite achievement
16. Residence of Nagendra Child will have clairvoyance

Namokar Mantra / Navakar Maha Mantra

Namo Arihantanam
Namo Siddhhanam
Namo Ayariyanam
Namo Uvjhayanam
Namo Loye Savva Saahunam
Aiso Panch Namahkkaro
Savva Paav Panasano
Manglanancha Savvesim
Padhmam Havei Mangalam.

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Happy Mahavir Jayanti Wishes

  • May lord Mahavir bless you abundantly and fill your life with the virtue of truth non violence and external compassion. Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2020.
  • Adopt the path of Truth, Knowledge and Non violence. Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2020.
  • Sending best wishes to you and your family on the auspicious occasion of Mahavir Jayanti. Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2020
  • May the holy words show you the path to never ending happiness. Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2020.
  • Lets Pray for Peace and Harmony for all the human kind on this auspicious day. Happy Mahavir Jayanti
  • I wish that you are blessed with peace and happiness. Happy Mahavir Jayanti.

Wishes for Mahavir Jayanti

  • Lets pray for peace and harmony for all the humankind on this auspicious day happy. Mahavir Jayanti 2020.
  • I wish that you are always smiling and joyous. Happy Mahavir Jayanti
  • May Lord Mahavir bless your life with eternal joy and happiness. Happy mahavir Jayanti 2020.
  • I always ask Lord Mahavir to give you what you DESERVE, Not what you DESIRE. It is because your Desires may be few, but you Deserve a LOT. Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2020.
  • Wish you a very happy Mahavir Jayanti may Lord Mahavir bless you on Mahavir Jayanti and always.
  • May no violence and negativities can touch you. Happy Mahavir Jayanti
  • Fight with yourself, why fight with external foes? He, who conquers himself through himself, will obtain happiness.~ Lord Mahavira. Happy Mahavir Jayanti
  • A Very Warm wishes to you on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti
  • Today is the day to look beyond yourself and work for the peace and harmony of others around you. Happy Mahavir Jayanti
  • All breathing, existing, living, sentient creatures should not be slain, nor treated with violence, nor abused, nor tormented, nor driven away. Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2020.

  • On this auspicious occasion of Mahavir Jayanti, I send you and your family the best of the wishes and blessings. May you are blessed with the strength to follow the right path of kindness and goodness. Happy Mahavir Jayanti
  • Live and Let Live,Wishing you and your family a very Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2020.
  • Follow the path of Non-violence. Take Pledge on this auspicious day of Mahavir Jayant.
  • Adopt the path of Non-violence, truth, knowledge and success. May these words of Lord Mahavira show you the path of happiness and success. Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2020.
  • The Best way to observe such auspicious occasion is to strive for peace and strengthening the bonds of brotherhood. Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2020.
  • Cherish this festive season with the morals of Lord Mahavira and his teachings. May the morals of lord Mahavira help you to walk on the path of truth and honesty. Happy Mahavir Jayanti
  • Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2020 to you and your family. May your life is full of positivity and brightness, happiness and purity. May you always choose the path of kindness and righteousness.
  • Learn Dignity from Ram, Service from Shravan; Target from Eklavya; Friendship from Krishna; Philanthropy from Karan; Non-veiolence from Buddha; And Meditation from Mahavira! Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2020.
  • Life is all being kind, helpful and merciful towards all the living beings and non living things. To attain the state of Nirvana, let us be good and kind to all. Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2020 to you.
  • May the preachings of Lord Mahavira: Samyak-Darshana ñ Right Faith ,Samyak-Jnana ñ Right Knowledge and Samyak-Charitra ñ Right Conduct together give us the real path to attain the liberation of ourselves! Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2020.
  • It is better to win over self than to win over a million enemies. Lord Mahavira
  • The beauty and happiness of life lies in simplicity. Simple words have the power to express greatest thoughts. Wishing you and your family a life of simplicity. Happy Mahavir Jayanti.
  • May Mahavir’s blessings bring you success, peace and lots of happiness in 2020. Happy Mahavir Jayanti.


Mahavir Jayanti Messages in Hindi

  • Arihant ki boli, Siddhon ka saar, Acharyon ka path, Sadhuo ka sath, Ahinsa ka prachar. Happy Mahavir Jayanti
  • Satya Ahinsa Dharm hamara. Navkar hamari shaan hai, Mahaveer jaisa nayak paya, Jain hamari pehchaan haia. Jai Mahavir Jayanti
  • Inse sikho ,….Seva=Shravan se ,….Mitrata=krishan se ,….Maryada=Ram se ,….Daan=Karn se ,….Lakshay=Eklavya ,….Ahinsa=Buddha ,….Tapasya=Mahavir se ,….Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2020.
  • Mahavir Jayanti ke paavan avsar par yehi kaamna hai ki Mahaveer ka ashirvad aap par sada bana rahe aur unki kripa sada aap par barse. Happy Mahavir Jayanti
  • Mahavir Jayanti ke is tyohar par, aao apne aapko nyochvar kar dein Shri Mahaveer ke charano mein aur paa lein sukh aur shanti apne Jeevan mein.” Happy Mahavir Jayanti.
  • God Mahavir:..Saying….Tu karta woh hai jo tu chahta hai, Par hota he woh jo me chahta hu,  Tu woh kar jo me chahta hu ,Fir wo hoga jo tu chahta ha. Happy Mahavir Jayanti 2020.