How to Impress a Girl

how to impress a girl

how to impress a girl

In this article i will not talk about useless things or the same copy and paste content on How to Impress a Girl like Learn to speak in English because i think your confidence matters not the language. We will talk about the reality what girls think of the guys , what they notice in the guys or what make her impress the most.
Most of you want to Impress Girls in your Teenage and thinks of How to Impress a Girl. As each girl has different feelings and thoughts and its hard to find what they think and what they feel. But there are some unique way through which you can seek the attention of a girl and make them feel special about you or in other words I can say you can easily Impress Girls.
So here we have a few Tips to Impress a Girl that will be going to help you impress any Girl.
how to impress a girl

girls also judge guys from their outlooks

Improve Your Outlook if you want to Impress Girls

As we all know, first impression is the last impression. If anyone has to take decision about the person or thing in the first sight, then the outer image must matters. In the same way, If you want to Impress a Girl then, Improve your Outlook. Whether you have a good physic or body, but outlook matters a lot to a girl.
They judge a guy from their outlook, as book is sometimes selected by a nice cover in the same way here the first thing that impress a girl is his outlook. Now, outlook include anything starting from hairstyle to your shoes choice. If, these a day long hair or short hair is in fashion then you must go for that but remember the choice which you have selected should match to your body type.
perfume for boys

choice of good fragrance perfume

Selection Of Perfume can help you impressing a Girl

Perfumes attracts everyone whether boy or a girl. So, the selection of perfume should be a key to impress a girl. According to a survey, girls are fond of using perfumes and they like the guys who use light fragrance perfumes instead of guys who don’t use perfumes. So always select a perfume which smells light. If you are guy who loves to use sharp smell perfumes then change your taste today otherwise forget to impress a girl because girls don’t like sharp smell perfumes.
If you are connected with a girl and you want to impress her then find out her choice in perfumes. She always feel comfortable when you are near by her because the fragrance of that perfume make her feel  to be in good mood.
tips to impress girls

choice of right type of shoes to impress girls

Choice of Footwear

When you are meeting with a girl the choice of your shoes matters the most in your selection or rejection. With the choice of your dress the choice of shoes also matters. So always choose the right type of shoes for the dress which you have wear. There are different quality and style of shoes are available in the market, so select accordingly which suits to your trousers or jeans. And the main and important point that you should have to remember is your shoes must always be properly clean and polish.

Always be Tip-Top

Always be tip-top means , always wear clean clothes as your  clothes represents your identity. Sometimes it is seen that words of mouth is counted secondly in identifying a person but your clothes describes your image firstly. Girls always like a guy who has a choice to wear clean clothes but not so bright in color. Wearing clean clothes is not enough to impress a girl. Your clothes should be properly ironed. Wearing Iron clothes brings freshness in your personality and if you will not look fresh then forget to impress a girl.
think before you speak if you want to impress a girl

tips to impress a girl always be tip top

Think before you speak

There are some guys who don’t think before they speak and start commenting a girl. Keep this in mind that girls never like the one who comments or passes silly jokes on them. If you think to impress the girl then stop making bad jocks and never comments on them standing with your friends in a group.

Be Unique if you want to Impress Girls

Being unique can really help you out in impressing girls. After spending much time on chatting with her you could now guess that she likes to chat with you or not…If yes! Then it’s the time to go to the next level. Girls are always round-eyed and full of dreams on his guy. Try to make some romantic talks. Do something that your love, care, trust and affection attracts her to get closer to you. Trust me this surely will work out well. Be unique and patient, you will find your perfect soul mate.
boys and girls spending time together

how to impress a girl

Helping and Good Image Boys

Girls always like the guys who help others and are always present when someone really needs them. As in the life each and everyone faces some problems and if we have someone who really cares for us in helping to solve our problems then you will definitely build a good image if you have such habit to help others.
The words like Thank you, Sorry , Welcome and other compliment words make your image better in comparison to the guy who feel shameful to use these kind of words. Keeping the attitude in the mind that why I should say sorry to her, never make good impression over the girl. So always be helpful and respectful to others.
boy and girl

how to impress a girl

Ignore or Avoid your Mobile if you want to Impress Girls

When you are spending time with a girl whom you like and want to impress then keep one thing in mind that don’t let her feel alone. Its mean when she is with you avoid using your cell phone. Speaking or checking messages on mobile make her feel uncomfortable with you. This behavior shows that you don’t have interest in her and if you want to impress her then give proper attention to her.

Don’t Try to Show-off to impress girls

Live in reality or i will say be realistic. Don’t try to show off to impress girls because it will not make your impression for long time, in her eyes. As girls are very possessive and softhearted if they later come to know that what you have done earlier is only to impress her and that was not real. These unrealistic habits lead to break your relation and she will never trust you. So always try not to break her trust.
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