Good Night Messages For Her

good night messages and wishes

good night messages for her

Good Night Messages For Her We all know that Good Night is last peaceful word of the day as the day is ending but after that there will be a new day again. Giving Good Night Wishes to the person is like giving a medicine to a sick. The whole day we all have to face many troubles and mental tension, and night is only a peaceful time when we all feel to have a calm sleep.
If a person get a peaceful rest in the night then he can be in the world of fantastic dreams. Good Night Messages and Wishes are most helpful when someone from your family or friends are away from you and you missed them a lot, then you can show your feelings for them by sending these Best Good Night Messages which shows how much you care for them.
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good night message for her

good night message for her

Good Night Messages For Her

  • May you have sound and deep sleep. When you wake up tomorrow with there will be new hopes and a lot of positive energy waiting at your door step. Good night to you Dear..
  • What is the real theory, I don’t know, but my heart still believes that the moon shines for just me and U. Good night sweetheart..
  • In the whirlpool of starts high in heaven, in the arms of the night, the peaceful sleep comes to you and brings armful of sweet dreams which really comes true..Good Night dear.
  • Go to bed and prepare yourself for the best sleep ever because you’ll never have a warmer and quieter night than this one. Believe me you going to have a peaceful sleep. Good Night!
  • May you dream of lovely things and your dreams may come true..Good Night.
  • There are many days, which have passed, but then there are numerous ones to come. Among each one of those days, I will not let this night pass by without disclosing to you that I adore you and I love you so much ..May everything you could ever want to work out as expected. Good Night, my dear.
  • For me, the only truth in life is you and your love you are my world and you mean a lot to me. When I wake up every morning, all I want is you to start over a new day. Good Night Dear..
  • If u ever feel lonely just look to the sky… Always know that I’m somewhere beneath that sky wishing all the best for you may your all dreams come true.. Good night… sweet dreams!
  • At long last, the night has descended, and it is the point at which I’m lying on the bed thinking you and missing you. I am asking God to send you the sweetest dreams and I know god will fulfill me wish.. Sleep tight, love you dear Good Night
  • Only sleep separates us, but the fantasy of you stays with me in my dreams. Therefore, for you, I leave this persevering message: even in the darkest night, the light of your affection leads me to the new morning. Good Night.., my dear.
  • I cant think to be apart from you, being apart from you even a few hours a day makes me sad. I long for the day we do not need to be separated. For now, I wish you to have a good sleep. Good Night..
  • I wish I was there to hold you tight in my arms instead of just sending you this loving and caring ..Good Night Message..
  • The last individual I consider while setting off to the bed is only you.. You are in my thoughts, in my dreams , every where its you and only you…Have a Good Night, sweetheart!
  • Hope you are sleeping now, and I am diving in the sea of your dream and thinking of you. You are a wonderful person and a pretty girl too, I’m really happy that I have met you! Good night.
  • The sweetest girl in the world is lying in the bed and reading this message, I hope that it will make you smile. Good night, lovely.
  • A sweet Good Night message for her who is resting in a calm sleep and thinking of me. Hoping to meet you in my dreams too.
  • Sleep like a Queen at night and be like a boss in the day. You are always on my mind ..Miss you..Good night!
good night messages for her

good night message for her image

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good night messages for him

good night messages for him

Good Night Messages For Him

  • Here is to hoping that angels will guard you while you sleep and the gentle breezes of the night will keep you calm. If there is too cold, may your blankets be warm as you drift on to a gentle rest. Good Night Dear..
  • Good night, to the guy who makes my days brightest Sweet dreams, to the guy whose love makes me burst out at the seams. Hugs and kisses, to the guy who makes my life seem like a bed of roses. I love you.
  • May the sweetest dreams comes to you through the night, and your morning be the happiest one of all. I love you and miss you.. Have a very good night!
  • Hope that you had a wonderful day and I wish to have a relaxed Good Night dreams today..
  • One day, we will never have to say goodbye, but there is a time in that so till then..only Good Night Dear..
  • Every waking hour spent with you is loaded up with delight and wonder. Every waking hour spent with you gives me the motivation to move forward; Every waking hour spent with you gives me positive vibes..thank you for for giving me such an amazing gifts . I wish we could be together not only in my dreams at night but for ever and ever.. Good night Dear..
  • No matter how bad the nightmares were if you are with me I don’t care for all. I want to sleep in your arms forever..Good Night.
  • Tonight I will be your angel….I will calm you down, if you are sad….I will cover you with blanket, if you are cold….I will lie down near you, if you want to,…..And I will invite you to a beautiful dream….Be a part of my fantasy world.. Good Night..
  • I’ve got you and only you in my the entry for this place is closed for ever.. sweet dreams Good Night..
inspieing messages for good night

inspiring messages for good night

Inspiring Good Night Messages

  • Inspiration is within everyone. A sweet sound of someone’s voice telling you “Good Night” can have as much inspiration as a new day with new possibilities waiting for you.
  • Tomorrow will be the day you begin to move toward your dreams which you see in the night..Hoping for Sweet Dreams..Good Night..
  • You can be inspired to make a better tomorrow when you decide to make a better night today and I pray to god to give you peaceful sleep tonight..Good Night.”
  • Good Night messages are not only message, they are the words from the core of the heart for someone special to be in life.
  • Each night you sleep is a signal that a new beginning awaits you. So be ready to fase the fantastic morning tomorrow with lots of energy…Good Night Sweet Dreams..
  • A hard day awaits for you tomorrow, so you should have a good night’s rest to fight with it. No doubt, I am always by your side, even if I am not present physically, but my thoughts are always for you which will give you more strength in life..Sweet dreams, my sweetheart..
  • Put your worries aside and let your body feel the softness of your bed and the warmth of your blanket and thanks to god for what he has given you ..May you have a peaceful sleep tonight..
  • The future is what you make of it, so sleep with the thought of greatness in your mind and it will come true… Good Night.
  • I have had enough of the lack of inspiration that the day has brought upon us. Tomorrow, I strive to fill the day with inspiration, starting with a Good Night’s sleep tonight.
  • Surround yourself with negativity will never allow you to move into an inspirational, happy future. Sleep tonight knowing that tomorrow will be free of all negative thoughts and good vibes are waiting for you to shake his hands with you..Good Night..
  • Satisfaction starts with your head hitting the pillow and your mind focused on the greatness of tomorrow. Lets hope tomorrow for some extraordinary moments..Good Night..
  • The day has come to an end, and now, we can anticipate tomorrow. Forget all the hardships you experienced and value all the delightful moments. Thank God for everything you have and pray for a better day tomorrow. Good Night Dear..
inspiring good night messages

good night inspiring messages

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heart touching good night messages for friends

heart touching good night messages for friends

Heart Touching Good Night Messages For Friends

  • I’m typing to wish you sweet dreams only. Sleep tight, buddy, and may the great harmony find your heart and mind.See you as soon as possible. May you have a peaceful sleep.. Have a Good Night!
  • Dream about the wind, which carries the beautiful memories…..and Dream about love that you fall into…..and Dream about the river full of pure joy and everything that you cherish…..Good night
  • Good night dear. Tomorrow, you are going to have a great day. Just make sure your body is prepared to take on the challenges of tomorrow. Sleep well and Sweet Dreams..
  • The Moon and the Stars only appear in the night, but our friendship is with us all day and night..May this night comfort you with its soft shine, may your dreams comes true be sweet and beautiful. Good night, my dear friend!
  • My most favorite thing about our friendship is that we can talk all night long. But I love you so very much, so I know you need a good sleep. Sweet dreams, mate, sleep well.
  • The Moon has turned on and the nights like this, are blessings from God. Don’t waste this blessing by staying awake. Good night to you. Have a sound sleep tonight!
  • I can’t tell what you are for me but I can only say I am your sun you are my sunshine, I am your moon you are my light..We can’t think to be apart. I love you. Good Night. Sweet Dreams My Love..
  • A new morning is waiting for you in a full mood. Sleep well and sleep tight. Because the new day wants you to be fit and all charged up to grab the opportunity…Good night!
  • Let leave of the past, so you can create upcoming inspirational future in your dreams. Good Night..Sleep tight..
  • You have so many reasons to thank God, but first thank him for giving you such a peaceful night and life like this. What a blissful night for a good sleep. Good night!
  • In this silent night you are not alone. Feel my hand holding yours, even if we’re miles apart. Our friendship is stronger than any distance, and I want you to remember that I will always be with you no matter what. Good night, sleep tight!
good night messages for lover

good night messages for lover

Best Good Night Wishes For Lover

  • The sound of your breathing is the sweetest in the world. May you have a sweet sleep with lots of romantic dreams of us there will be no disturbance at all….Good Night Dear..
  • I couldn’t fall asleep unless I told you how much I miss you. Not a single moment has passed without thinking of you,.. love you and good night!
  • A little sweet dream lives on a cloud, He sleeps at daytime and travels at night, Tonight he promised to visit you and send my words to the sweetest person in the world.. “Good night, sleep well”.
  • Every night I become super awesome.., that is why I am sending you this sweet message but no doubt you are sweetest than it… I’m kidding, Sweetheart.. you are always on my mind….Good Night..
  • I have many reason to say sorry to you…Sorry for being away from you, sorry for not being able to hold you at the moment. However, remember this: I always think of you. No one in the world replace your love for me..Sleep well, Good Night Dear.
  • We don’t have a control over dreams, may you have a dream about the wind, carrying the dreams,..dream about love that you found,…dream about the river of pure joy,…dream about everything you cherish…Good night…Sweet Dreams..
  • God, I think you have made only one beauty in the world and she is lying on her bed and reading this Good Night message…Are you thinking of me…Sweetheart. Good Night.
  • I wish I could be there by your side to embrace you. Instead, I will wish you a good night and send a little of my endless love for you with this sweet text. Good Night..Sleep tight..
  • Love is the only precious gift in the world and i am so rich to have this gift from you Love you my dear.. Good Night..
  • Today has been a non-stop, hectic, crazy day for me but remembering of you make me feel better, and I wish I had gotten time to see you… so I’m thinking about you before I fall asleep. Goodnight, sleep tight!
  • When the sounds become silent, when the sun goes down and the moon rises, the magical dreams come to you of a fantasy world.. along with a “Good Night” message from me.
  • A human can live without water for many days and without the sleep some days days, and I cannot live a moment without you! Sweet dreams Darling..
  • Just as the Earth is bound to rotate around the Sun, I am bound to be with you for my whole life..Miss you. Good Night..Sleep well.
  • Close your beautiful eyes, relax and just think about me..Do you feel something?.. Someone gently touches your lips.. Do not be afraid… It’s me, kissing you and wishing you “Good night” sweetheart.
  • Don’t fear, today I am guarding your dreams no monsters can dare to visit you as I will protect your sleep. Good Night.
  • I don’t want anything from god as god have given me you..Love you baby..Good Night..

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good night wishes image

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good night wishes images

good night messages for her

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good night wishes images

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